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Pexip as an Investment

We believe Pexip is an attractive long-term investment, because:

Proven and scalable business model with unique technology


Pexip is a certified video communication platform that offers a combination of unique technology and industry partnerships to serve a broad range of companies and governments around the world. The platform’s distinctive technology sets it apart from its competitors, as it offers a level of quality, flexibility and security that is unmatched in the industry. This makes Pexip an attractive option for companies and governments looking for a robust and reliable video communication platform.



Growing markets


Pexip is present in large, structurally high-growth markets with a unique position towards the lucrative enterprise segment . The company has positioned itself to take advantage of the rapid growth in these markets, especially within secure, customized solutions. Pexip’s focus on the enterprise segment gives it a unique advantage, as this segment typically has a greater need for robust and reliable communication solutions. Pexip’s strategy is to continue expanding its presence in these markets, leveraging its unique position to drive growth and increase its market share.



Strong organization with value-driven culture


Pexip is led by an experienced management and technical team with a history of industry defining innovation and key competence to propel our continued growth. Pexip also has a unique company culture that values inclusivity and diversity. The company has an open and inclusive work environment, where all employees are given equal opportunities to succeed. This diverse and inclusive culture is seen as a competitive advantage, as it allows Pexip to tap into the full potential of its workforce and better serve its clients.



Solid positioning for further growth


Pexip has a solid base of USD ~100 million in annual recurring revenues (ARR) and a clear path to profitable operations. Moving forward, Pexip has set targets for its future performance, targeting EBITDA of NOK 100-150 million for 2023. This target is a significant step for the company and represents its commitment to delivering strong financial results to its shareholders. In addition to its EBITDA target, Pexip aims to achieve an EBITDA cash conversion rate of 40% in 2023, which demonstrates its ability to generate significant cash flow from its operations. This strong financial performance, combined with the company’s position in high-growth markets and focus on the lucrative enterprise segment, makes Pexip an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to invest in the video communication industry.

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